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Most shoots aren't for everyone.

Picture in your head what you think a normal photoshoot is like, walking into a cold, clinical white space and trying to work out your facial expressions or poses. Unless you're an experienced model, this is a daunting prospect for many of us.


99% of photoshoot package buyers do so because they want the end result. They want the framed photo on the wall, or shared across social media. The shoot itself is often an awkward experience, which, if images could be magically created out of thin air - most people would skip.

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Changing the industry

TankSpace isn't a studio that follows the norms. There is a reason that the majority of our 100+ five star reviews were left before the client had ever seen a photo.

Our team's priority during your shoot is your experience.

The multi-award winning photography is just a bonus.

"Incredible, unbelievable experience, absolutely loved it. Halo was so fantastic, I felt like I was just having fun with a friend. I loved being in the water, I couldn't stop smiling! I've never felt so relaxed or had so much fun at a photoshoot before."

What is the TankSpace Experience?

Our mission is to give you a once in a lifetime experience, where you can simply be yourself.


Our studio is a place with no judgement, no prejudice and no preconceived concept of beauty. It is a place that encourages laughter, silliness and the letting go of everything that might be holding you back. Whether that be self doubt, body confidence or the stresses of life pulling you down. This is a place where you can let go and be free. To see yourself without constraints.

Time with our team is time with friends, enjoying activities that are designed to both push you and be fun at the same time. You will leave the studio feeling like you achieved something.


What is TankSpace?

TankSpace is the UK's leading water SFX studio. With sets split between a large 7x7m rain area and a dive tank for underwater shooting.

You may have seen our work without even realising it - many underwater scenes from popular series on Amazon Prime, Netflix and the BBC have been shot with us. Not to mention a wide array of indie films and music videos.

Our clients include some of the largest brands in the world.


Your Experience with us

1. Start your journey by filling out the form at the bottom of this page to secure a place on our coveted waiting list.

2. Speak to our team, who can talk you through our different shoot options and find an experience that works for you. We offer solo, couple, group & boudoir experiences

3. Choose your package, we have several available catering to a variety of budgets. Once you have a package in mind you can then secure a date.

4. GET HYPED and get prepared, depending on what sort of shoot you choose, our team can recommend things you can do to help with preparation. Whether it's physical activities like practicing in a public swimming pool, or putting together mood boards for your desired aesthetic.

5. Arrive for your shoot, you'll be sent an itinerary of what you need to bring with you. We always recommend arriving 15-20 minutes before your session time.

6. Introduction & safety briefing, our team at the studio will introduce themselves and give you a run down of your experience.

7. The shoot, your incredible experience commences! Our team will guide you through exactly how to move underwater and in the rain. Even if you've never swam, they'll have you looking amazing in no time at all. You'll also get those sneaky glimpses of the back-of-camera images to see just how good you look.

8. Choosing your images, within a week or so of the shoot you'll have a full online gallery to look through and select which images you want our team to edit. All our packages include images as standard with option to purchase more.


Your Photographers

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 20.45.44.png


Photographer & Studio Manager

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Photographer & Brand Manager

Want to know more?

What is this feeling worth?

What would you pay to feel unstoppable, to feel like the King, Queen or Androgynous ruler of all that lays before you?

What is it worth to be able to rekindle that power every time you see your photos, or think about your experience? 

Our goal is to make empowerment accessible to everyone. That's why we've set up a variety of payment plan options on all of our packages. 


Solo & Boudoir Shoots from: £163 per month

Couple Shoots from: £233 per month

Group Shoots from: £83 per person

Prices based on 3 month payment plan

Want to join our waiting list?

Simply fill out the form below


By joining our waiting list you'll also get access to private offers and photoshoot events.

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