Do I need experience?

Absolutely not! Very people have any experience of modelling underwater, our staff will be with you every step of the way helping to get the best poses and ensure your TankSpace experience is the best it can be.

What if I can't swim?

Let is know in advance if you haven't swum for a while or never learned - we can ensure the tank level is a comfortable depth to ensure you don't feel uncomfortable.

What do I need to bring with me?

To make the most of a TankSpace shoot these are a few essentials you need to bring with you: - Towel - Change of clothes (make sure they're warm!) - Variety of clothes / costumes for the tank - Make up - Phone or camera (we often snap behind the scenes photos on other people's cameras to give them something immediate to take home with them)

Can I borrow a mermaid tail?

Unfortunately at this time no, however feel free to bring your own!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Bring a couple! Bringing plus 1s always adds to the atmosphere and can make the shoot more enjoyable, it also means extra pairs of hands for taking behind the scenes photos.

What if I'm scared of putting my head underwater or opening my eyes?

We can help! We have had several people come for photoshoots who were uncomfortable with putting their head underwater or opening their eyes underwater, with careful and sensitive encouragement both of them overcame their fears and had fantastic photos to remember it by.

Is the tank warm?

Yes! Our tank temporature typically ranges between 33 and 38 degrees C, however the ambient temporature of the unit can be quite nippy once you've been in what is essentially a giant hot tub! So make sure to bring lots of layers to put on after your shoot.

How do I get into the tank?

We have a step ladder and a platform ladder, people of all shapes, sizes and ages have managed to safely get in and out of our tank so it's nothing to worry about!

How big is the tank?

The tank is around 3m long, 2m wide and 2m deep, it holds roughly 10,000 litres of water. It weighs 2 tons empty and 12 tons full! We typically use a crane to transport it.

Is the water chlorinated?

Yes, the water is chlorinated, this ensures a good level of hygiene. However it is a significantly lower level of chlorine than in a swimming pool so won't sting your eyes when opening them.

Can I bring props in the tank?

Yes, of course! So long as it's not going to damage our tank or be a danger to you - if you have any ideas for props please let us know when booking the shoot and we can advise on how best to use them.

What clothes or costumes should I wear?

Do you cater for nude shoots?

Sure! We've shot a massive variety of different kinds of shoots here at TankSpace, we have worked with many models who have requested everything from topless to full nude.

Can I get the digital versions of my photos?

As standard we supply the digital version of each photo you decide to have framed. We also have options to purchase digital images.

Can I crop or edit the digital versions?

No, unfortunately we don't allow edits of our photos online - our photos are our brand and we are extremely proud of the art we create. So please don't add instagram filters or crop images.

Someone has requested they use one of my photos for something online / offline

If a news outlet / online platform contacts you wanting to use your TankSpace photos please forward them on to us - we will nearly always say yes, we just need to make sure they have the correct image licence from us.