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Underwater Models

TankSpace has several highly experienced underwater models that are available for both our underwater and rain sets. To book one of our house models please get in touch with us through the contact page with your desired dates. 

Beka 1.jpg
Beka (she/her)

Levels up to art nude
Expressive art model with inventive posing style and fluidity from callisthenics. Toned physique and versatile look.

Cariad 1.jpg
Cariad (she/her)

Levels up to art nude.

Classic and experienced art model with hoop skills, a timeless look, grace and elegance.

Christine 2.jpg
Christine (she/her)

Levels up to lingerie

Creative character model with experience in pole and hoop, martial arts and more, with an eye for precision and elevation of concept

Elle 1.jpg
Elle (she/her)

Levels up to art nude
Professional performer both on land and underwater, experienced in dance, mermaid performance and hoop allowing her to have control and precision plus flowing poses.

Evie 1.jpg
Evie (she/her)

Levels up to lingerie
Experience model and designer with an eye for amazing gothic looks as a speciality, beautiful poise and an hourglass figure.


Halo 1.jpg
Halo (she/they)

Levels up to art nude
Experienced shapeshifter model, capable of delivering a range of genres and fluid posing styles for each, with an expressive touch and wardrobe.

Hollie 2.jpg
Holly (she/her)

Levels up to Art nude 
Ivory flame needs no introduction, with her sterling reputation as an art model and wealth of experience creating perfect painterly scenes every time.

Nico 2.jpg
Nico (she/her)

Levels up to art nude
Accomplished dance model specialising in ballet and fitness as well as art modelling with fluid, strong poses.

Ria 1.jpg
Ria Rose (she/her)

Levels up to art nude
Timeless model with lots of experience underwater and able to deliver both soft, graceful poses and edgier shapes with great poise. Also available for hoop shoots.

Steph 1.jpg
Steph (she/her)

Versatile model with toned physique and expressive poses, often capturing elements of fashion posing whilst underwater and combining it with her eye for styling.

xenia 2.jpg
Xenia (she/her)

Levels up to fashion
Emotive model capable of giving the finesse of classical dance or strong edgy looks within the bat of an eye and endless poses.

TS1_3669 copy_edited.jpg
Bambi (she/they)

Levels up to art nude
Versatile alt model that can go from edgy to ethereal with ease. Emotive and expressive and always full of creative ideas

Tobias (he/him)

Levels up to art nude
Flame haired male model and pole performer that blends athleticism with poise and imagination for truly killer shots every time 

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