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Watch a Rain Machine Studio Shoot - in REAL TIME!

On the 12th May 2022 we had the fantastic opportunity to host Adorama presenter Gavin Hoey for a real-time, live-streamed shoot in our rain machine studio. This is brilliant for anyone considering trying our rain machine set and wants to see how it works or the sorts of images that can be attained.

About our rain machine studio set

Our one of a kind rain machine is the largest of its type in the UK. At an enormous 7m x 7m combined with over 100 water jets, it's absolutely ideal for everything from music videos, to film shoots, to fashion, to photography club hire - and anything in between!

The water from our rain machine is lovely and warm for the models at a constant 40 degrees, meaning no model discomfort over long shoots.

For more information about our unique rain studio or to see more examples of it in action click here.

If you are interested in hiring our rain machine studio, simply call us on 01636 558 332, email over to or use the contact form on our rain machine studio hire page which can be found here

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