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TankSpace 2023 Masterclass Events NOW LIVE

2022 has been incredible so far and we’ve had so many fantastic bookings and events happen here, as well as some of our biggest in house events and our first remote in house events. We’ve introduced two new team members and been working hard behind the scenes to become a well oiled machine, capable of bringing you the biggest events for 2023 - soaked in drama and really pushing to allow you all to create the kind of images you’ve always dreamed of, in our unique space!

Our Renaissance events this year both went so well, with so much good feedback and we’ve really had a chance to think about how to not only expand on that but also elevate, creating unique set builds that will only be available for limited amounts of time, with bespoke lighting and working alongside designers to provide otherworldly aesthetics.

Our aim is always to bring the best quality events that we can to you both in person and now, remotely and with this in mind, we will be including guest tutors at our big, in house events, to provide their wisdom and creative flair and make sure that these events are accessible to newcomers as well as seasoned pros. We will also be bringing you a whole host of well known models, some of them making their TankSpace event debut, specially trained for the unique skills TankSpace requires

With our previous events as a good foundation, we are setting about building on this and pushing the limits of imagination and we cannot wait for you all to see this come to fruition!

So without further ado, here is the run down of our extra special in house events for 2023 - lovingly hand crafted by our wonderful TankSpace Team

Event 1 - 7.2.23 - Eros

Our first event will be EROS on the 7th February 2023 - our take on a valentines shoot but with less cheese and more drama! This event will be all about love, passion, desire and sensuality with sets ranging from wedding themed (think “The Notebook”) to dynamic pairs acro moves showcasing syncronisity and incredible shapes and beautiful boudoir stylings with vibrant reds. We’ve even made sure you have time to get those valentines shots ready to post on your socials with this date!

This will be our first event with two sets of couples involved, so will offer a range of scenes and poses that haven’t been available at other events for some unique images.

Event 2 - 26.3.23 - Goddess

We will make our way to the highest point of Ancient Mount Olympus for our GODDESS event on the 26th of March where you will find Goddesses themed around Grecian, Roman, Norse, Celtic and many other types of mythology, showcasing the serenity but also the power of the Gods in beautiful styled set builds that will be exclusive to this event theme. Imagine columns and heady clouds, golden weapons and luxe draped fabrics with regal models giving us beautiful fine art poses.

Event 3 - 24.6.23 - Cirque

Then there’s a little break from the big events because we know that absence makes the heart grow fonder and we are back with a real showstopper for the CIRQUE event on the 24th June 2023 and wow, are we extra excited for this one. A vintage circus styling across the board with aerial performers, fire and more blurring the lines between performance and modelling. We’ve even heard rumours there might be a mermaid! This event will be the first of its kind at our studio and we have a very talented line up ready to wow you.

Event 4 - 16.8.23 - Renaissance Masters

August 16th 2023 will see the Renaissance getting a Renaissance, where we will be taking everything we learned at the 2022 events and amplifying it, bringing you more painterly drama than ever before with brand new sets including a “Venus” set to satisfy all of your classical art cravings under one roof.

Event 5 - 23.9.23 - Cyber

Then on the 23rd September 2023 it’s time for something totally different as we take you to Tankspace 2077 for our CYBER event - fusing cyberpunk, sci-fi and futurism with some of our biggest set builds of the year, neons everywhere, epic action shots, bespoke lighting and models with sci-fi heroine attitude. It’s going to be cinematic, unique and an aesthetic dream!

Event 6 - 9.12.23 - Gilded

Finally, we will be wrapping up the years big in house events with pure opulence with GILDED on the 9th of December - a feast for the eyes with abundant metallic golden, bronze, copper and silver tones and decadent sets fit for royalty.

Tickets for all of these events will have payment options to spread the cost through Klarna or Paypal, as we want these events to be accessible for as many as possible to be able to come and create something truly remarkable with us, learn new skills, meet new people and be inspired to try new things.

Watch this space and our socials for teasers, behind the scenes of builds, model announcements and more

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