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Underwater Studio Hire

What is underwater photography?

Underwater photography is a captivating artform where the process of taking the photography usually involves scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming and generally working with expensive underwater camera housing. Other alternatives such as remotely operated underwater vehicles or automated cameras lowered from the surface are also used but are typically expensive and quite hard to access for personal projects and smaller budgets.

The price and ease of capturing those underwater photos is heightened with the danger of scuba diving with no prior knowledge or qualifications, making it even harder to get into this artform without a large budget, diving qualifications and equipment to facilitate the shoot and that’s before figuring out your shoot location! Swimming pools would come at an extra cost and can require lots of preparation and trail and error to get the right underwater lighting set up to hide the pool backgrounds. Outdoor dives such as sea dives and lake dives come with extra factors such as temperature, model safety, access and other dangers that would need to be considered and may add a considerable amount of cost onto the whole project.

This is where Tankspace comes in! Tankspace is the UK’s only public underwater photography studio, featuring our custom made 10,000 litre dive tank set in 2,000 square feet of studio space. The studio is set up to facilitate photographers of all skill levels with customisable lighting, a reflection limiting photography zone and experienced industry professionals on hand to guide you through your experience.

Limit reflections for the best photos!

Our studio is available to hire for projects of any scale, from on hour hire of the space all the way up to consecutive days to maximise the time needed to complete any project. The studio is accessible to public at an affordable rate and taster events for all skill levels are hosted monthly at discounted prices. Perfect for those wanting to test the waters!

There is no need to get wet or rack up experience in reasonably unrelated skills such as diving or spend thousands to achieve stunning underwater photography when you can shoot from outside of our photography tank and remain comfortable throughout the entire experience! Our studio makes it so much easier to capture the perfect underwater photographs and much more accessible for all.

Contact us at to start your underwater photography journey.

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