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Underwater Photography Experience

Technology is ever changing and improving the way the world works and technology with photography is no different! Modern technology has vastly changed the experience of underwater photography. The rise of underwater housing and multiple options for achieving the perfect underwater photo can be fantastic for those with the right budget and the knowledge to wade through the array of options available.

Experience underwater photography without the commitment of thousands of pounds worth of camera gear and organisation!

Here at Tankspace, we understand the incredible costs that can rack up for photographers wanting to experience underwater photography and have come up with the best solution for photographers of all skill levels! Our underwater photography experience focuses on giving photographers the tools to capture their own underwater photos without the large overheads or excess worries.

Tankspace in-house photography

At the underwater photography experience photographers will be in small groups throughout the day and will get the opportunity to shoot with 3 different models. Each group will generally consist of 3-4 photographers, giving you unrivalled one on one time directing each model in the tank. Experienced underwater models are provided so that you can focus on capturing the right moments with models adapted to working underwater. You will also have access to changeable in-house lighting to experiment with, creating the effect you want to achieve a little bit easier and a lot more accessible.

There are no requirements for the underwater photography experience. This session is open for photographers of all skill levels and is perfect for if you are working with the most advance mirrorless cameras, to if you are working with camera phones or polaroid’s! Our in-house professionals will be there to ensure that this experience is one not to be missed.

So, if you want underwater photography at an affordable and accessible price without the hassle of organising large scale diving events, learning excess skills or overcoming the wide range of dangers of open water photography then the underwater experience at Tankspace is for you.

Come and experience underwater photography at a low cost and low risk event now!

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