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Studio Re-opening!

We have had a marvellous reception to the remote shooting days and have had lots of questions about when we will be reopening to the public for studio hire and in house photography sessions. We have assessed the lockdown restrictions and are releasing a staged reopening of the studio in line with the Government Covid-19 roadmap for spring/summer 2021.


Our studio is currently open for commercial projects and remote shooting only, however from the 17th of May with the current projection of the Government roadmap we will be re-opening public bookings for our public photography packages and studio hire bookings for small groups that coincide with the rule of 6 or two household rule that will come into place after this date. This will continue with our current Covid guidelines and we ask that clients also stick to social distancing, use our sanitising stations and if possible and able to, remain masked inside the venue.


The second stage of re-opening will proceed from the 21st of June. We will open for studio bookings for larger groups as this is when the Government proposes to remove all legal limits on social contact. This will include all bookings such as studio hire for larger events, networking opportunities, larger group photography packages and more. If you are interested in hosting a larger group at the studio then 21st of June onwards is when we will be taking bookings for events of this nature. Our stages will be evaluated closer to each date and will be subject to change should the roadmap be altered by the Government. We are constantly evaluating and reviewing the rules and guidance to keep you, and us safe in these trying times.

Thank you for all your patience so far. We have missed you all and we can't wait to get back to normal and see all your creative work from the studio come to life. We want to thank your patience and vigilance in keeping each other safe over the past year and we all look forward to seeing you all soon. Let's get creative together in the future.

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