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New For 2022! Rain Machine Studio for Hire

Happy new year everyone! We want to kick start 2022 with a brand new addition to our studio, almost 3 months in the making we'd like to introduce our rain machine set!

At 7m x 7m, our rain machine studio is one of the largest of it's kind in the UK, all 3 walls and floor are fully waterproofed to allow for any water based shoot you can think of. We have a unique sprinkler system that can provide rain across the entire area of the set, we also now have a wide array of waterproof LED lights that are included as part of our rain machine studio hire.

We know many DIY rain machines can be bitterly cold for the model, that's why we made sure to have a built in heating system to allow the water to be heated to a toasty 45 degrees, allowing for comfortable shoots over longer periods of time.

Our rain machine set is perfect for all sorts of uses, whether you want full band rain music videos, building a full set for a feature film, or simply a water based rain machine photo shoot - we can cater to your needs.

Rain machine studio hire pricing is as follows:

2 Hours - £350

3 Hours - £450

4 Hours - £500

6 Hours - £700

8 Hours - £800

Overtime is available at an additional £100 per hour.

If you're interested in hiring our rain machine for your photo or film shoot, click here or call us on 01636 558 332

We hope to see you soon!

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