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First Rain Machine Studio Music Video OUT NOW

The first ever music video filmed using our brand new rain studio has now been released!

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship: Ghosts, filmed by Jay Hillyer

This is a massive occasion for us, after tens of £thousands spent and months of work it's absolutely amazing to see the finished video, a true demonstration of what sort of video can be achieved using the rain machine.

Like with our tank, there weren't any existing rain machine studios with similar set ups that we could reference, so for this project everything was designed from scratch - from establishing a high enough water pressure to cover the enormous space, to creating a bespoke drainage solution. Not to mention making sure the rain was heated!

We can't wait to host more shoots that utilise our rain machine studio! If you're interested in hiring it, please get in touch - or if you want to experience rain photography for yourself, why not come to one of our events.

TankSpace is a film and photography studio that specialises in water effects, whether that be our 7m x 7m rain machine set, or our underwater set. If you have a project that requires water - get in touch!

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