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Celebrating TankSpace Co-Founder, Elle Woods on International Women's Day

Hello everyone! Kai here, this year for International Women's Day I wanted to take the opportunity to recognise one of the most important people behind TankSpace and one of the most inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure of working with: Co-Founder Elle Woods.

Elle has been one of the key driving forces behind TankSpace, and since it's inception her passion is what has made TankSpace the creative venue it is today. She is an absolute force of nature who will often quite literally bend the laws of physics to "get sh*t done".

So as such, I am delighted to announce that Elle will be taking over from me as Managing Director of TankSpace. Elle with the amazing team around her, I am convinced will go on to reshape the industry.

Several of our wonderful colleagues & collaborators have also taken some time to leave messages, here's what they had to say:

Have you ever met a person who is incredible in a whole multitude of ways but doesn’t know it? Someone who can not only perform with a huge variety of skills but also run a business like an absolute dream? If you’ve been to TankSpace and met Elle, then the answer to the above is YES. When I first met Elle I was doing a trial dunk at Tankspace, and I don’t think I could have trusted anyone else more to be by my side as I took a dive.

Since that first day we have spent lots of time in and out of the Tank and I love working beside her. She's incredible at helping people, seems able to find a solution to everything with ease and I’m also not convinced she isn’t a real-life mermaid. I mean.. have you seen her in the tank? She might actually be a goddess.

So here’s to Elle; a badass Queen who fiercely loves what she does, and always strives to make sure her work is the best. (and it is...) - Jess Buckland (TankSpace Photographer)

I can honestly say that Elle is the best employer I've ever had. She leads by example and her drive, passion, vision and commitment are inspiring. She invests so much in her team. I've had the privilege of being a part of the company from its infancy and during this time she has always gone above and beyond for our welfare. Making sure that not only do we achieve but that we love the journey. She has been such a positive influence in my life, on both a professional and personal level and I can't imagine working for anyone else. - Lewis Leighton (TankSpace Model / Mermaid Cove Performer)

Elle has the ability to seamlessly adapt her wealth of skills to the situation and her surroundings which inspires great confidence in her and those who are working with her. I’ve seen her work that magic on numerous people, even some scared of water, nurturing their abilities in a small amount of time - turning everyone around her into ethereal beings and capable badasses. It’s clear to anyone with the pleasure of watching her at work, that she has not only passion but has dedicated much time to her craft! - Halo Haynes / EarlGreyHot (TankSpace Model & Collaborative Photographer)

I was lucky enough to meet Elle when I applied to a model/creator open day at Tankspace; such a strong kind-hearted lady with a drive and passion to succeed, Elle is a visionary her ideas know no bounds not only is she creatively encouraging she has also become a dear friend to me it's wonderful to see her hard work paying off proud of you always - Sarah Jean Dean (TankSpace Model)

I'm just so grateful to Elle for everything that she's done for me. Working for her is a blessing, she has given me the confidence and guidance to make my dream of performing a reality. I feel like I've come such a long way since my first day in the tank and it's all because of her patience and gentle tuition. She never makes me feel silly for making a mistake or getting things wrong and I always feel valued and wanted around her. A true friend, wise and inspiring. Lucy Wilkins (Mermaid Cove Performer)

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