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10 Metre tank for hire!

Introducing our new 10 metre photography tank! A new and exciting installation for large scale underwater projects at Tankspace.

We now have our monster tank available for hire in the studio for large scale productions, commercial product photography, live events and more! Measuring at 10metres across with clear panels on all sides, this tank is a spectacular installation and gives more versatility for production builds inside and around it. This tank can be situated virtually anywhere with flat, solid ground capable of supporting large loads. This includes almost all studios, exhibition centres, festivals, pop up events and temporary brand activations in public spaces both inside and out, giving you the opportunity to use our tank at our underwater studio or where ever you need it. This tank is big, bold and loves an adventure.

Not only is this water tank big, it's creative too! The clear sides of this tank gives the opportunity to customise the perfect lighting combination to achieve creative and contemporary looks. You can even light from below with the fully glass bottom for full 360 lighting options. You can see an example of this here with the Mermaid Cove video showcasing this as a swimming mermaid tank.

Since arriving at our studio, this large underwater filming tank has been used in several fantastic projects from music videos to Bollywood film productions and has accommodated some intricate set builds around it. We cant wait to see the exciting future projects this tank has in store!

Do you want to hire an underwater photography tank or shoot in our underwater stuido? Get in touch now and lets bring your vision to life.

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